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Covens: Sacred Gardens is the next chapter in the story of Savannah Grey and the Grey Hand coven. 

Covens is a narrative-rich RPG played in the real world with GPS-enabled devices. Build a powerful coven, master over 200 spirits, battle over real world places of power.


Covens: Sacred Gardens is coming to Google Play and the App Store.


Vampire Capitalist is an idle empire-building game played on a real-world map.

Get crazy rich. Serve a vampire. Avoid the asylum.


The goal: Survive for 90 days and become the richest in the world. The problem: You work for a vampire. It's a stressful job. The money will come easy, but the stress is likely to put you in the asylum before you buy that yacht. 


Vampire Capitalist is coming to Google Play and the App Store in early 2023. 


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